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Company related

1.Is bare die wafer made by tiegetech?

The company designs the relevant chip circuit, entrusts the processing to bare die Wafer piece, then our company dices, polishes, makes the mark, expands the crystal, installs the ball and the taping, forms the bare die wafer may use in SMD.

2.What is Tiegetech's major product?

Adhesive LED display, folding screen, glasses- free 3D, glass screen.

3.What is Tiegetech's core technology

Three core technology about the adhesive LED display: bare die wafer driver microchip,bare die wafer LED and specificate circuit process. We have 5 invention patents on the bare die wafer,circuit board,chip and specificate circuit process and 11 utility model patents.

4.How many patents does Tiegetech have?

A total of 16 patents. Of which 9 utility model patents, 5 patents for inventions, 2 US & EU (US and EU) patents.

5.How many production lines does Tiegetech have?

The company has the world's most advanced semiconductor technology of SMD fokkow-up process and the most advanced import customization equipments.Additional we have two fully automated assembly lines, daily output 100 square meters adhesive LED displays, and we are planning another 10 production lines.

6.Which domestic and international certification does Tiege technology have?

We have CE, ISO20000 certification and related testing reports.

7.How to get free samples?

(1)Provide company-related materials and audited by the tiege headquarters (2) Sign a confidentiality agreement (3) Enter a security deposit (4) Sample delivery procedures.

8.The about Tiegetech's R & D ?

Tiegetech uses "micro-entry, the original refinement, integration of disciplines, team work together" for the idea,establishes an impeccable work system, with highly creative, efficient rigorous, declication and responsibility of the technical team, On account of the basic research and development has been completed,the company can produce any kind of screen no matter what the customers' requirement.

9.How is company's pre-sale and after-sales service?

Customer is foremost,Tiegetech support center is all pre-market and after-sales service of the main service window. Technical Support Center: Tel: 021-69986039,021-69986087 QQ: 2291317053.

10.How will the company launch a new product?

Through the network, news, WeChat public platform, Sina microblogging, Twitter, Facebook and so on.

11.How to identify the products purchased from Tiegetech? Is there a security logo?

There is Tiegetech logo and there is no need of anti-counterfeit labels. In 3 years, there is only Tiegetech can produce bare die wafer adhesive led display.

12.What is the customer's evaluation of the company?

The novelty and innovation of our products beyond customer imagination.They are very positive on our company's pre-market and after-sales service.

13.Will the products have UL and CE certification code?

The product has passed UL and CE certification.

14.Why Tiegetech's adhesive led display is more expensive than traditional display?

The price is the same as imports of conventional screens.The price is a slightly higher compared with the domestic because the tiege technology bare die IC and circuit design is not the same.

15.Can tiege adhesive led display can be installed in the physical wall? Is there a discount on the display compared to the installation on the glass curtain wall?

Yes,it can.The display effect is as good as install on the glass curtain wall.

16.I would like to vigorously promote your company's products,could I made some products to high-definition pictures on my site in order to promote the use of the product?

Yes,It can be.

17.Does Tiegetech going to exhibition in 2017?

Yes,February 2017 Amsterdam exhibition in the Netherlands, the Macao exhibition in May, the Las Vegas show of United States in June.

18.Where does Tiegetech R & D based?

Shanghai and Shenzhen.

19.Does Tiegetech have any branch company in China?

Shanghai, Shenzhen.

Adhesive LED Display Screen-related

1.What are the advantages of adhesive led display?

Ultra-thin, ultra-light, convenient transportation, cost savings, heat dissipation, easy installation, invisible light, can not see IC, no mask, no steel box and steel structure.

2.What is the brightness of the adhesive led display?


3.What is the transmitance of adhesive led display?

Small pixel above 53%, large pixel above 85%.

4.What are the components of the entire composition of adhesive led display?

Modules, control box, cable.

5.How much energy does adhesive led display power saving compare with conventional LED screen?

Save 20%.

6.What are the specifications of adhesive led display?

P2 series, P3 series, P4,P5 series, P10 series, P20 series.

7.How to maintain adhesive led display?

No maintenance required.

8.Will the adhesive led display fall over after it work for a long time? What is the material of the membrane?

5-8 years will not fall, the middle membrane material is using PET, 3M optical transparent glue.

9.Will there be bubbles after the adhesive led display is affixed?

There will be no bubbles, because the film material has a gas guide slot.

10.Can the adhesive led display be torn off?

Yes, it can be.

11.Can the Adhesive led display be waterproof?

It can be waterproof. The front side is IP65, the reverse is IP43. The adhesive led display can also be produced corresponding waterproof level of the product according to customer requirements.

12.What is the maximum brightness of the screen? Can it display in the sun?

P4, P5 brightness can reach 6000cd, and it can display perfect in the sun.

13.Can adhesive led display be hanged?

Yes,it can.

14.Can Adhesive led display be bent it? Can be affixed to the arc?

Adhesive led display can be bent, can be attached to the arc surface.

15.If the size of the installation site is different, how to solve this problem?

The Adhesive led display can be cut, every two pixels can be cut.

16.What is the standard definition?

Minimum standard definition: 768 × 576,42 million pixels. Usually 40-100 million pixels can be defined as the standard definition.

17.What is the definition of HD?

Minimum HD: 1280 × 720, 92 million pixels, usually 1-2 million pixels can be defined as the HD.

18.Can the Adhesive led display played by mobile phone APP?

Yes,it can.

19.Which kind of mobile phone can use the APP?

Supports all Android phones.

20.What functions does the mobile APP have?

Remote control Adhesive led display play images, data downloads, browse product information.

21.Can the Adhesive led display be seamless splicing, and what's the maximum number?

Adhesive led display are modular, it can be seamlessly connected and the area can be infinite.

22.Is it easy to get the government approvals to install the led display?

There is no need to get the approval in most cities in the domestic.

23.How long is the Adhesive led display production cycle?

100 or less is generally 30 days delivery, 500 square meters for 50 days delivery, 1000 square meters and above for 70 days of delivery.

24.Will the Adhesive led display generate huge hate? How to radiate?

Due to the bare wafer splicing screen used the BAG wafer for the light source, photoelectric conversion heat can be instantly distributed, so the membrance can not feel the heat, which is determined by the device and the circuit.

25.What is the perspective of the Adhesive led display? How about compare with the traditional screen?

Adhesive led display has 170-degree viewing angle and the traditional screen has 150-degree viewing angle.

26.Can the other company get the bare wafer technology within three years?


27.Will the Adhesive led display be yellowing?

It will not within five years .

28.How much time to R & D the Adhesive led display, and how about the monthly production capacity now?

Adhesive led display takes 3 years to research and development. The monthly production capacity is 3,000 square.

29.Which kind of material can Adhesive led display be affixed to?

Metal, wood, walls, ceramics.

30.Whether the Adhesive led display has the noise problem?


31.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen has anti-corrosion function? Such as the rain invasion and haze invasion?

It has anti-corrosion function.

32.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen can anti-collision and how much power?

It can anti-collision and could bear 2kg/㎡.

33.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen could bear bad weather, especially in freezing winter and in sultry summer?

The Adhesive LED Display Screen could work Within -20°~80°.

34.How to maintain the Adhesive LED Display Screen and how often?

Two months once using water to scrub the Adhesive LED Display if the dust is large.

35.Whether the LED of Adhesive LED Display Screen is packaged?

There are two ways, the first is not packaged wafer LED, the second is packaged LED. The price is slightly different.

36.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen could prevent ultraviolet rays?

It could prevent ultraviolet rays.

37.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen would be damaged when power outage?


38.How much weight of the Adhesive LED Display Screen?


39.Could the Adhesive LED Display Screen stick-up outdoors(Outside the glass)?

Yes,It can.

40.What about the packing of the products?

Meet the corresponding national standards.

41.Whether the Brightness of Adhesive LED Display Screen can be adjusted?


42.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen's internal electric circuit will damaged when earthquake?

No.The internal electric circuit is made of FPC which is flexible material.

43.Whether the product can be customized?


44.Which kind of system the Adhesive LED Display Screen is using?

Nuowa,Kalet, LSN.

45.What is the refresh rate of the product?

It could be setted according to customer requirements.

46.Whether the product could be operated convenient in the application?

The operation is convenient and the It could be controlled by the mobile APP wireless control.

47.How to make sure the Adhesive LED Display Screen's Modulars is in the same surface?

The thickness of one series of Adhesive LED Display Screen is standard, they could make sure in the same surface because they directly attached to the glass.

48.How long does it take of customized product?

60 days.

49.Do you need screws to fix the module?


50.Is the production lead-free?

The production strictly comply with the international quality standards, the production is lead-free.

51.How to deal with the abandoned product to follow the role of environmental protection?

We deal with the abandoned product as the PET material.

Engineering and installation

1.How about the price of Adhesive LED Display Screen?

Our Adhesive LED Display Screen series: P20, P10, P5,P4, P3, P2.The price is different. Relatively speaking, the price is a little bit higer than traditional LED screen per unit area.

2.Whether it need professional engineers to install?

The installation does not require professional team. One inexperience staff could finish the install after sample installation training simple construction.

3.How big is the control box of the Adhesive LED Display Screen?


4.How many ways to install the control box?

Screw fixed, hanging, stick-up.

5.Whether it is easy to replace receiving card in the control box?

Receiving card is installed in the form of pluggable. you can turn off the power, slot from the receiver card from the control box and then insert a new card.

6.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen can be used as the rental screen?

the P4 × 6 can be folded and used as rental screen.

7.Is it possible for the adhesive to be used repeatedly?

The adhesive can be used repeatedly.The viscose is customized to ensure that it will not leave glue marks when it is teared off and still maintain good adhesion.

8.How about the reliability of the Adhesive LED Display Screen? How long can it ensure normal working time? How long of the warranty period?

The Adhesive LED Display production quality control panel is very strict to make sure the high reliability. Considering LED and drive life, it can guarantee normal work as long as 5~10 years.Free shelf life of 2 years and lifetime warranty.

9.How to solve the problem that one modular of Adhesive LED Display Screen is damaged. Is it easy to repair and how about the cost?

The Adhesive LED Display screen groups are independent of each other. The fault module can be directly replace without affecting other modules.You could sent the fault module back to the factory and the cost is not much.

10.If the Adhesive LED Display Screen is in the installation of glass curtain wall, weather the curtain wall need to reform?

No.The Adhesive LED Display Screen can be made customized length to adapt to different curtain wall.There is no need to modify the curtain wall.

11.The Adhesive LED Display Screen stick-up on the glass wall, whether it will effect of indoor working environment?

No. The film Adhesive LED Display Screen is single screen display and will not cause indoor light pollution.

12.Is the Adhesive LED Display Screen anti-scratch?

Under normal circumstances, the Adhesive LED Display Screen is prohibited to be cratched the surfacthe use of sharp objects because it will affect the waterproof circuit.

13.How much the thickness of the Adhesive LED Display Screen?


14.What is the color of the Adhesive LED Display Screen, is it full color?

The Adhesive LED Display Screen produced by our company could be monochrome, two-color, full-color according to customer requirements.

15.The Adhesive LED Display Screen can be wireless network control?

The control system provided the wireless communication module, which can realize the wireless network control.

16.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen's hardware and software copyright has a limit time?

There is no time limit for copyright, and we will provide customers with software system upgrades for free, support the service of the hardware upgrade.

17.Whether the Adhesive LED Display Screen can remote maintenance if there is a problem?

Some basic problems, such as connection issues related to the system can remote maintenance, other problem such as LED damage problem can not maintenance remotely.

18.Could the Adhesive LED Display Screen integrate with the Internet+ functions?

The system has the open interface which could achieve the Internet+ functions.

19.Can the same screen play different window and content?

Yes, The system support playing PIP.

20.Can the Adhesive LED Display Screen be hang indoor?

Indoor Adhesive LED Display Screen can be hang.

21.Will the Adhesive LED Display Screen has lot of radiation, even hazardous to health?

The Adhesive LED Display Screen will not radiation much. The radiation is compliance with international standards and will not endanger human health.

22.What are the future development of Adhesive LED Display Screen direction?

Technical aspects of the direction of development: Now the screen is a milliamp level power consumption, the future is microampere level,it will decrease the power consumption to 1/60.

23.How about the structure design of the Adhesive LED Display Screen?

Installation without steel frame structure.

24.Who will bear the cost if the Adhesive LED Display Screen module has display problem?

According to the contract.

25.What is the requirement of glass curtain wall material?

The more transparent glass material, the better effect of the Adhesive LED Display Screen.

26.How to avoid the bright color difference problem before and after application?

Adhesive LED Display Screen LED droop is small because the radiating is good and support for light correction.

27.Is it possible to mix and match screens with different series?

Depends on the system.

28.Can the product store calibration data?

Depends on the system.

29.Will the Adhesive LED Display Screen be reflective?

Reflecting is determined by the glass, the Adhesive LED Display Screen itself does not exist reflective problems.

30.Can the power and signal be double backup?

Yes, in accordance with the contract, the price will be a little expensive.
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