Tiege transparent screen enhances the landscape lighting
announcer: release time:2020/12/1 read:503

Recently, the transparent window screen of Wuhan Ziyang Lake Park undertaken by Tiege technology has been lit up. The screen is integrated with glass and the surrounding environment, reflecting the beauty of scientific and technological products. The application of high-tech transparent screen has greatly improved the landscape lighting of the park, enriched the multi-format life of the park, and created diversified value. 



In this project, combining the on-site environment and architectural characteristics, Tiege Technology has customized a film screen LED strategy, i.e., using Tiege P10 model transparent film screen with bare crystal technology. It not only ensures the transparency, moisture-proof, UV resistance, etc. of the screen, but also ensures the convenient installation and subsequent maintenance, which completely breaks the limitations of traditional LED display on the glass curtain wall.




The screen is transparent and beautiful. When it is not lit in the daytime, the screen and the glass are integrated as a whole, which does not affect the lighting. When night falls, the screen is full of brilliance, reflecting in the lake, forming a beautiful picture, which takes on the new appearance and business form of the park so as to attract people and give the park new vitality. 




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