350square meters! Tiege transparent screen helps Wuyue Plaza (Deyang) become a new landmark of lighting!
announcer: release time:2020/11/20 read:351

The Wuyue Plaza (Deyang), with a total construction area of approximately 550,000 square meters, will integrate Deyang 's economic and cultural advantages to create an international commercial complex integrating shopping, leisure, entertainment and residence, and the international one-stop experience.  At the same time, by employing innovative technology on Tiege's transparent screen, a new driving force is created for the large glass curtain walls of shopping malls so as to create a commercial invisible display platform , helping Wuyue Plaza (Deyang) becomes a new landmark of lighting!  


The project uses P20 * 40 transparent screen with an area of 350 m². The product has the advantages of lightness, thinness, high transparency, high refresh rate, energy saving and environmental protection. Ingeniously integrated with the glass curtain wall, the display screen is smooth and the image is beautiful, which can effectively plug in the intelligent wings for brand promotion, make the display more diversified and novel. So, it can bring more flow to Wuyue Plaza and give impetus to the night tour economy, opening a new chapter in the square.





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