Tiege film screen helps upgrade the lighting of Suzhou sightseeing elevator
announcer: release time:2020/11/12 read:272

Recently, the project of the Suzhou sightseeing elevator undertaken by Tiege Technology was successfully completed, which integrates connotation and appearance. The transparency of the appearance has a strong visual impact with gorgeous color. The application of LED transparent film screen in sightseeing elevator not only improves the commercial value, but also makes it novel, evoking the desire for shopping, which greatly enhances the influence and grade of shopping mall.



Tiege LED transparent film screen gives the stereotyped sightseeing elevator "fresh" life. The screen meets the full-day high-definition playback performance, broadcasting pictures, videos, 3D videos and other materials. It not only plays the role of attracting consumers, but also provides a platform for shops to advertise, which can be effectively used in store openings, festivals, shopping carnivals, etc., to shape brand value and enhance competitiveness.



When the screen is not lit, it is invisible, which is extremely light and thin; it does not affect the lighting in the daytime; when lit, it is clear and delicate. It owns a broad perspective without color deviation, which can attract people no matter where they are. By forming visual interaction with customers, the elevator tends to enrich shopping experience and become a new type of punch in place.



The screen adopts an integrated design which is convenient to install; so, any  large project can be completed in a comparatively short time, reducing construction period and cost. It is widely used in glass curtain wall, glass window, sightseeing elevator, brand store, subway, etc. The transparent film screen of Tiege has made remarkable achievements in promoting the development of various industries, and has received widespread attention and acclaim, becoming a leader in the transparent film screen industry.

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