Waterfall screen appears in Wuyue Plaza (Suzhou Xiangcheng) ,creating the aestheticism of invisible display
announcer: release time:2020/11/2 read:361

Wuyue Plaza (Suzhou Xiangcheng) aims to create a multifunctional, modern and humanized commercial complex in the new era. With convenient transportation, it is the largest commercial complex in Suzhou Xiangcheng. A few days ago, the giant waterfall screen made by Tiege Technology was unveiled in Wuyue Plaza (Suzhou Xiangcheng), extremely shocking and marvelous.


Located in the square area on the south side of the shopping mall,  it uses the P10 model of bare crystal film screen. The installation area of the project is 317 square meters. Combined with the actual environmental requirements and architectural characteristics, Tiege Technology has customized the project planning, which  not only ensures the transparency, waterproof (IP65), moisture resistance, UV resistance, etc., but also ensures product installation and subsequent maintenance, completely breaking the limitations of application of the traditional LED display on the glass curtain wall.


The film screen injects soul into the glass building curtain wall. After debugging, it becomes the biggest bright spot in the southern square area. Via applying Tiege film screen to create a waterfall screen scene experience, the creative technology display gives a strong visual impact, adding vivid beauty to the building.


It can effectively attract crowds, making it an inevitable place for Internet celebrities to punch in. Through the propaganda of Tiktok, live broadcast of celebrities, TV media, etc., the trend of online celebrity is formed so as to provide a strong traction for the tourism and commerce, driving the promotion of local night travel economy.

 Tiege's transparent film screen takes into account architectural aesthetics, so the screen is naturally integrated with the building. When the screen is not lit, it is completely invisible from a distance; when lit, the effect is perfect and the operation is stable.



As the core strategic partner of Seazen Group Co. Ltd., Tiege Technology has tailored intelligent display projects for several Wuyue Plazas, and our products have won the trust of customers. In the future, Tiege will always adhere to continuous innovation as its development strategy,  create perfect products with ingenuity to add value for every customer!

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