Qingdao CSCEC splendid city Dongfu mall lights up
announcer: release time:2020/10/30 read:242


Recently, the project of Qingdao Jinxiu City Dongfu mall LED film screen built by Tiege technology has been on schedule, with a project area of 188 m² and model: P10. The extraordinary display charm of the large screen greatly upgrades the night landscape , and opens a new era of commercial prosperity.




Qingdao Zhongjian Jinxiu City Dongfu mall is a comprehensive commercial building with a superior geographical location.The transparent screen of Tiege is light, thin and beautiful with exquisite display. The excellent large screen injects vitality into the building and turns ordinary glass into a large multimedia display platform. The large screen can play corresponding images according to different festivals and activities, rendering a strong atmosphere so as to attract people and stimulate consumption.




When night falls, the high-brightness display screen will reflect the surrounding landscape, and the night scene will be greatly improved,  which conveys the vitality of urban nightlife. The bright night scene will allow more people to enjoy the city nightlife and promote the rapid growth of night tourism economy. At the same time, it has enhanced the competitiveness and promoted high-end branding image of Qingdao Zhongjian Jinxiu City Dongfu Mall.



Tiege technology transparent screen is exclusive in the world, with exquisite craftsmanship and reliable quality. Having successfully created many classic cases, Tiege is the first choice for large glass curtain wall, glass window, sightseeing elevator, etc. In the future, we will continue to strive forward to create more and brighter urbanized landscapes!

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