When technology meets art and culture!Tiege film screen empowers Suzhou Wuyue
announcer: release time:2020/10/30 read:197

Recently, Wuyue Plaza in Suzhou High-speed Rail New City has added a new base for celebrity check-in! Wuyue Plaza in Suzhou High-speed Rail New City is co-sponsored by two world-class architectural design companies Carlisson Architecture and Benoy Design & Architecture with unique "city skyline gift box design", geometric shape,which is  artistic and modern. The 326 LED display is gorgeous presented, supplemented by the changeable lighting of surrounding buildings, bringing a brand-new visual feast.




This project adopts Tiege P10 model transparent film screen with bare crystal display technology. It is light, thin, transparent, bendable, and can be cut in one, which is both beautiful and practical. When it is not lit during the day, the screen  is integrated with the glass, which does not affect the lighting at all. When the night falls, it becomes fascinating, which can attract people to stop for a tendency to be a must-go for celebrities to check in, and brings consumers an excellent shopping experience. The plaza can also be promoted through various online media, attracting tourists from all over the world to come and watch, providing a strong traction for tourism and commerce, and driving the improvement of the local night tour economy. 



Tiege technology has truly achieved the perfect combination of scientific and technological display and art, injected new vitality into every city with high-end products, and demonstrated the future sense of the times with science and technology. Behind every ingenious work is the embodiment of strength. In the future, we will continue to deepen products, enhance brand value, and help promote the construction and development of more intelligent cities!



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