The Rollout of Transparent LED Films by TIEGE for Longfor
announcer: release time:2020/3/26 read:822

Longfor Paradise Walk (Nanjing) is the first  project for Paradise Walk built by Longfor real estate in Nanjing. It is a one-stop, experiential and super-large commercial complex that enriches people's lives. As an excellent supplier of magic LED projects, TIEGE has created the unparalleled P20 diamond-shape screen and P10 petal-shape screen for Longfor Paradise Walk, which stands for the perfect combination of technology and art. This highly impressive and innovative display is used to command attention for the commercial complex.


The Diamond-shape screen located in the main atrium looks like crystal-clear diamond. High brightness is necessary for the screen located in the position where the sunlight is strong. TIEGE P20 film screen delivers extraordinary brightness and high transparency, which can meet the demands of customers in all aspects. Meanwhile, it is also marked by strong heat dissipation and flexible and cuttable features. The screen integrated into the diamond shape allows natural sunlight to filter into and simultaneously deliver bright and get-noticed videos to attract customers.


The petal screen is located in an excellent position, running through the entire east atrium. After the screen turns on, it seems like blooming flowers, which is of great visual impact and shock. It is flexible and charming as a whole, forming a beautiful landscape in the east atrium. It is worth mentioning that the petal-shape screen has various shapes and large curvature. The screen is tailor-made according to the structure, making the screen simple and sleek. It complements the shopping mall environment and gives new impetus to Longfor Paradise Walk.




As the bellwether of transparent film screen, the project for Longfor Paradise Walk proves the strength of TIEGE again. We have always been committed to the spirit of craftsmanship, and have created more than 100 classic engineering cases at home and abroad. In the future, we will constantly adhere to original innovation, strive for perfection and make more high-quality products to benefit more customers and business categories.

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