Tiege technology help nantong TV tower lighting upgrade!
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Recently, the LED transparent screen of Tiege technology lights Nantong TV Tower, with a project area of 210 square meters and a model of P20 * 40.The transparent screen injects vitality into Nantong TV Tower, adds a sense of technology and modernity, forms a unique long-range night view effect, enhances the lighting of night view, enhances the competitiveness and popularity of Nantong TV station, and fully displays the city landmark style of the TV Tower!



Nantong radio and television tower, standing on the river sea plain and the Yellow Sea, is the landmark building and tourist attraction of Nantong, the "Pearl of the river and the sea".In order to promote the transformation, upgrading and development of Nantong TV station, the screen body of the project adopts high-end customized transparent screen, which perfectly matches the site environment. The screen features high transparency, high brightness, high heat dissipation and high stability.In addition to brightening the display, it can also be used to play text, patterns and videos.When the screen is lit, the color of the screen is magnificent, and science and technology achieve the beauty of the city; when the screen is not lit, it is very transparent, which does not affect the vision and daylight.As a new advertising media, Tiege led transparent screen has powerful functions, which supports remote control and free screen switching.Combined with the height advantage of the TV Tower, the picture spread more widely and attracted high attention.




Tiege technology does not forget its original intention and insists on innovation.Continuously improve the service, improve the screen quality and scientific development, and create more urban landmark buildings!


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