Led transparent screen helps Royal Selangor luxury brand store open a new marketing
announcer: release time:2019/11/13 read:2982

Recently, Tiege technology has created a transparent glass window screen for Malaysia's Royal Selangor luxury store, using model: P10 project area: 160 ㎡.With the combination of Tiege led transparent screen, the glass window second becomes large screen, setting off a new trend of visual marketing in the brand industry.The project is located above the main entrance of the shopping mall, with wide visual range and vivid screen display, which makes the brand store more attractive, intuitively transmits the brand information of Royal Selangor, attracts the eyes of pedestrians from a long distance, and improves the rate of attention and entrance.


Tiegetech led transparent screen is the best display product matching with glass window display at present.It can be well integrated with the glass curtain wall, with invisible display. When the screen is not lit, you can not see the screen itself from a distance, but only see one glass, without affecting the architectural beauty.When the screen is lit, the video effect is very shocking and powerful.Moreover, with the unique naked crystal driving IC core technology of Tiege, the product has excellent heat dissipation and long service life.


This project has been highly recognized by Malaysian customers, and Tiege technology will continue to uphold its original intention, continue to innovate and improve.Make better products, serve every industry well and create value for more industries!

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