Tiege technology film screen lights up nanchang university
announcer: release time:2019/9/28 read:707

In order to speed up the construction of the intelligent platform of Nanchang University, Tiege Technology has elaborately built an information-based transparent display screen for Nanchang University recently. When the screen is lit up, it has superior display effect and is regarded as an important communication window for school information dissemination. The screen has a stable operating system, which effectively guarantees that important information of the school is read and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It once became Nanchang University.Learn new highlights.


The screen is installed in the school hall, which is the most crowded place and becomes the focus of teachers and students.Tiege film-sticking screen is light and transparent, beautiful in appearance, integrated screen design, without any components exposed, and integrated with the surrounding environment, reflecting the charm of science and technology and culture.It has high safety factor, good heat dissipation and long service life.It can provide good display service for Nanchang University for a long time.The display screen is clear and delicate, supporting pictures, text, high-definition video, and other forms of display.Live games, public service propaganda videos and so on, let teachers and students more intuitive understanding of school dynamics.At the same time, it can better show the school culture and strength, and promote the rapid development of school modernization.


In the future, Tiege Science and Technology will live up to the expectations of the public. Let's wait and see if we can use high-tech technology to promote the construction and development of the education industry.

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