Large-screen mosaic market to enhance remarkable performance of outstanding LED
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    With the continuous development and innovation of technology, especially in recent years with the market demand, especially with the "Internet of things", "cloud computing" and so on, and so on, the development of large-screen splicing industry has gone through nearly 20 years of ups and downs. Technology development, large-screen mosaic industry has maintained a rapid development trend, the field of large-screen mosaic of the scale is growing.
    With the continuous upgrading of technology, LCD splicing screen patchwork to further improve the visualization of applications continue to advance, OLED technology has also made a breakthrough in the large-screen splicing industry, still showing LCD stitching, DLP rear projection, LED small spacing of three pillars of the pattern, The development of large-screen mosaic market intensified competition continues to escalate. Steady growth of the market growth rate of 17%.

    This year is the industry as the most difficult year, the market competition is heating up, homogenization of increasingly serious, price surge tide, so that the development of the industry can be described as road resistance and long, more difficult. But in the large-screen mosaic market, the first half of this year, but remained stable growth, the overall sales to achieve 3.33 billion yuan, an increase of 17.7% year on year.
   Research institutions have data that the big-screen mosaic of the market's three giants have achieved growth. LCD splicing screen continued to grow in the first half sales of 1.62 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 7.4%; small pitch led display (Figure) led display screen, the first half of the year, Sales in the first half amounted to 910 million yuan, an increase of up to 57.3%.
     From the industry point of view, the government and public management is still the mainstream of large-screen mosaic industry, accounting for 47%, followed by business, transportation and energy. Among them, the government, the proportion of industry and commerce increased slightly, energy and resources, transportation industry accounted for a slight decline. This has to do with the nature of the functions of government and business, which have a higher demand for information disclosure and dissemination. Among them, DLP splicing screen has a decline in the proportion of government and transportation industry, energy, industry and commerce to enhance the most obvious, the government industry accounted for a decline of 4 percentage points; LCD splicing screen to government and industrial and commercial applications, government and public management industry increased significantly ; Small spacing led large screen is mainly used in the government industry, sales of 62%, and significantly enhance the share.
     From the size of the product in the first half of the large-screen market research, DLP market is still 60 'and 67' mainstream, 70 ', 80' and other large-size market share increased significantly; LCD market main sales size 45-49 , But the share decreased significantly, while the 5.5mm product with the upstream cut-off, 3.5mm will gradually become the mainstream market; LED small pitch market product upgrading significantly, P1.6 products pulled up significantly, and P1.2 has been from the promotion phase Into the application phase, sales share of 2.5%.
     Throughout the first half of the big-screen mosaic market performance, the industry forecast large-screen mosaic market sales in 2016 will reach 8.71 billion yuan, up 23%; while the three giants can achieve growth, but in view of LED small spacing strong channeling momentum And highlight the first half of the market performance is expected in the second half of the market share of LED small spacing to enhance the most significant increase of 59.7% year on year.

    Market competition, anxious to compete to seize the commanding heights

    From the first half of the market data can be seen that the three major areas of large-screen mosaic are achieved growth, but DLP growth of only 8.6%, price or market trends; benefit from the security market, LCD splicing screen is still Small market share, but the growth of nearly 7.4%, relative growth is slow, perhaps Boli era will come; LED small pitch not only in the large-screen mosaic market is developing rapidly in this display market is in full swing, the future may become DLP alternatives.

    1. Visualization application prospect is broad

    In 2015, the expansion of display technology and large data era, has gradually spawned a large-screen information display more demand, large-screen mosaic industry is not hardware is king of the era, "content is king" has become a new demand.

    In addition to the visualization of information, visualization applications can reflect the safety monitoring, energy management, exhibitions, digital signage and other applications for large-screen manufacturers to provide a new competition platform, many companies have realized that in-depth industry stand Heel, it is necessary for the user to provide more applications may be, and the visualization of the application will be the focus of development of major companies, I believe that the future of visualization applications will accelerate penetration in the industry continue to break through innovation to achieve a comprehensive interpretation of industry needs.

    2. Application experience highlights the value of product value dilution

    As the industry continues to mature and the changing needs of the market, a simple technological innovation has been insufficient to support the industry's leading position, the user requirements for large-screen system is no longer a simple "look", but more and more More attention to whether it can bring more intrinsic value for themselves, can achieve greater than the value of input value, can better present experience value. This requires the industry to have the ability to solve the innovation, echoing the entire industry to an integrated service-oriented transformation and upgrading.

    3. The three products are more competitive supernatural power market more intense

    At present, the large-screen market, the implementation of the various enterprises to the merits of the product to accurately locate the product line, the product rational application in different areas, market segments development strategy. With the advancement of enterprises and technology development, LCD splicing, DLP rear projection, LED small pitch products will show their talents, exhibition supernatural powers, and the market competition will become more intense.

    With the promotion of upstream light source enterprises, laser light source recognition increased. 2016 DLP rear projection market in the first half of the laser light source penetration rate has reached 16%. Laser light source continues to progress, coupled with the maintenance of the ultra-thin continue to advance, will greatly enhance the competitiveness of DLP products.

    With the 55-inch 5.5mm cut-off, 3.5mm into the practical stage, the application by fast; while 1.8mm products into the import phase, will have penetration in the high-end industry, is expected to continue to upgrade the market, Grabbed DLP's market share.

    At present, the gap between the domestic market, with the upstream chip and packaging technology to improve domestic manufacturers of small wick spacing LED products to improve the stability of the cost will rapidly decline, the price bottleneck gradually weakened, the price gradually close to the people, stimulating market demand, the future will Have a larger application.

    4. Three pillars will break the Quartet will be staged

    At present, the large-screen market is still stitching LCD, DLP rear projection, LED small spacing for the market structure. However, with the continuous improvement of display technology, OLED, quantum dots, MOLED and other technologies to gradually break through; especially OLED, more mature product technology, will enter the market, its no backlight, flexible arc to achieve arbitrary stitching, transparent display Unit stitching, ultra-thin stitching wall design and other advantages, will break the big screen mosaic market situation in the three countries, showing the Quartet rule the roost.

    Rapidly changing market, the big screen splicing what the future fight? Fight technology, fight products, fight the application, fight the demand. For large-screen mosaic of manufacturers, in the market competition and product segmentation of the accelerated, high-quality products is not the only competitive, but quality products as the cornerstone of continuous innovation and progress, to provide a full range of applications Solutions, master the core technology is the new competitive point, I have no people leave, I have the fine self-innovation path.

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