Grasp the indoor business opportunities, small pitch LED screen into the "seamless switch" era
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    2016 Shanghai LED show grand opening. As the world's largest LED industry, one of the exhibition, Shanghai LED display integrated into the domestic and even the world's top LED display technology. Among them, not only LED display shine, LED display signal control products are also dazzling. Including seamless switching, the popularity of new technologies, is bringing a new era of industry applications.

    The exhibition site to understand, most of the LED display signal processing equipment manufacturers have introduced a seamless switching products, some products have achieved very good engineering results. In this regard, the participating manufacturers pointed out that the seamless switching LED signal processing equipment, not "technical difficulty of innovation", it is "market expansion" under the innovation.

Standard resolution small pitch LED display UHP1.5 analog control room applications

    From the traditional DLP splicing, LCD splicing and projection fusion display point of view, seamless switching has long been a must-have standard. This is sufficient to illustrate the seamless switching of the maturity of related technologies. In this regard, LED display industry well aware. However, the traditional LED screen market is mainly concentrated in the field of outdoor advertising. This area of content playback has a "low switching requirements" feature. Even, a screen may not have a month to replace the content. Even if the outdoor advertising screen to replace the content, but also in the "dead of night" when, by copying a new video source to complete.

    However, with the small pitch LED screen in the indoor market with the frequency of increase, this situation is changing. Such as monitoring center applications, may be required at any time to replace the content source. In such circumstances, switching the black screen, not only affect the use of beautiful, but also for those who watch the screen for a long time staff have a "flash" effect, is not conducive to on-site experience. A similar need exists in stadium applications, advertising applications, conference displays, broadcast and stage background displays.

Grasp the indoor business opportunities, small pitch LED screen into the "seamless switch" era

    Industry sources pointed out that it is precisely because the emergence of small pitch LED, LED display applications to expand the market space, out of a simple outdoor video or a single source of information on the scope of the information screen, making the "seamless switch" into product development Industry needs.

    It is understood that to meet the small pitch LED display screen seamless switching requirements, requiring signal processing equipment in the HD signal playback processing at least 2 times the traditional system to meet the cache capacity and close to twice the encoding and decoding capabilities. Only to achieve this point can guarantee that the switch is not black screen, the video screen is not Caton, the screen shows continuous and stable operation.

    The exhibition site technicians, the so-called seamless switch, the essence is "short-term parallelism" work. The traditional switching signal mode is to close the original signal, and then open a new signal. This operation may occur during the last signal of the original screen buffer residue, the new signal to open the process of loading the waiting time, and then appear in the effect of Caton and a short black screen, splash screen and so on.

Grasp the indoor business opportunities, small pitch LED screen into the "seamless switch" era

    The use of "seamless switching" technology, the system is replaced by a new source of the command, the first not to close the original signal, but the synchronization load a new source, the new generation of the source load is successful, quickly shut down and Switch to a new source. In this process, there is a situation where there is a transient double signal being carried in the processor synchronously. This undoubtedly higher capacity and performance of the system put forward higher requirements, but also the corresponding control system response time and time to put forward higher requirements.

    On the whole, the "seamless switching" technology popularization is conducive to small pitch LED products in the multi-source application market for better application. Participating companies that seamless switching is a small pitch LED screen and the traditional splicing display technology to compete for indoor display large screen technology base and an important means.

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