Application innovation: LED display diversified downstream market
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    2016 Shanghai LED show is showing some of the previous few sessions of the exhibition few innovative weather:

    2012-2014 period, LED industry as a whole experienced a difficult period: the new demand market excavation has just begun, the original market shrinking, product prices continued to decline, the industry supply capacity has increased. The pattern of this industry has also been a few LED show the basic style: "confused and explore."

Choi accessible booth

    However, 2016 LED show, has shown the development of new market vitality. To application-side innovation as the center, the domestic demand market as the core, LED product application is through a wide range of ways to reshape the industry development road map.

    LED screen aggressive high-end, the application is king

    LED display market innovation no less than the lighting industry, but the LED display for engineering applications, more emphasis on solutions. Including high-density outdoor screens, stereoscopic screens, profiled screens, ultra-fine pitch products, transparent displays, curved and flexible screen systems, and a variety of industry solutions. At the same time, LED screen industry, in the product thin, high maintainability, LED defect repair technology, lower point defect rate, etc., has a systematic progress.

    First of all, small pitch LED products as the center, manufacturers are developing a number of technologies to reduce the use of cost. For example, the use of pre-maintenance technology products, you can quickly achieve the replacement of defective splicing unit is conducive to long-term operation of the system to protect the "enduring" value. Maintenance speed is one of the soft thresholds for small-pitch screens to further expand applications in conference and control room markets. Another common low-cost technology is the "intelligent" screen, mainly refers to the intelligent module box, intelligent detection, intelligent correction, these technologies are intended to achieve rapid deployment of products and long-term application stability, screen consistency. In leasing, broadcasting and other fields, these technologies are quite popular.

129-inch LED intelligent cloud TV - LTV129

    Second, the small pitch LED screen and outdoor screen to "light" as one of the key development direction. Insiders pointed out that the efficiency of LED lamp beads to enhance the LED screen products to reduce heat dissipation provides an unprecedented basis. In the low-calorie lamp beads on the basis of, LED display unit back-end design more flexible: such as a more compact cooling system, lower power consumption of the power supply units and drives. At the same time, the new die-casting aluminum box, the application of carbon fiber material box, but also can effectively reduce product weight.

    For the LED screen light, a well-known manufacturers that this is not only energy saving, saving, more beautiful appearance, but also reduces the application of LED screen threshold. LED screen to support the deployment of the necessary structural cost reduction, more space-saving, building adaptability enhanced, which is conducive to LED screen from the "proprietary equipment" transformation "decoration" equipment.

Application innovation: LED display diversified downstream market

    Third, the development of a variety of differentiated products, the formation of a series of "a la carte" solution is the basic product manufacturers strategy. Chau Ming pointed out that the definition of a good product, must be in line with demand as the yardstick, rather than "overstating parameters." Therefore, the Chau Ming exhibition provides a full range of products from different applications, such as high-density outdoor screen, small space indoor screen, intelligent screen, convenient rental screen, modular screen, and so on.

    There are application needs, there is product innovation. Depth practical scenarios, the idea of a perfect solution, this is the LED show, the display industry, business consensus. In this consensus, how to further optimize the product characteristics of the structure, a millimeter a millimeter of control thickness, bit by bit control accuracy, a field of a field of expansion of dedicated products, LED screen industry vibrant.

Dongshan forward P2.5 indoor screen

    Wisdom of sudden emergence, for human nature

    Intelligent lighting is a major highlight of the LED show. However, what kind of product count intelligent lighting? Is the voice, light control, human sensing, gesture control, habit of memory, multi-light adjustable, or other technology? Industry has no accurate answer. The only trend is: more and more powerful products, and even network lighting, cloud lighting, remote migration of lighting habits, mobile terminal control from a single product and family fixed application concept lighting system has emerged in large numbers.

    Lighting market innovation around the needs of different places. Home market, new products focus on intelligent, in order to meet the consumer from the appearance to the light content, to the application of controllable all-round human experience as the center, manufacturers highlight the difference of design, let lighting become data products. At the same time, the home market brand marketing has also become one of the key. This also contributed to the differentiation of industrial structure: brand companies, manufacturing companies, creative companies may belong to different links in the industry chain.

    Tooling lighting market applications are also upgraded. On the one hand is the emphasis on control of public lighting, according to environmental conditions automatically adjust the output brightness of the whole system to achieve green. On the other hand, in the tooling lighting market, manufacturers aimed at "old" new opportunities, the development of traditional light source specifications and installation space LED lighting products, intelligent networking control lighting, in an attempt to promote more traditional light source replacement system.

    In the landscape and decorative lighting market, lighting and display has been integrated. Lighting that information display, which is the essence of landscape lighting products. Now the manufacturers of the curtain screen, transparent screen and lighting, and a good combination, in an attempt to create advertising effects as the center of the lighting market, a new growth point.

    "A wide range of products, have a wide range of applications." Industry believes that it is those different product innovation, so that the LED industry, the upstream and downstream enterprises in the economic environment is poor, the suppression of exports in the context of restoring confidence. Intelligent lighting and indoor LED display is the result of two new directions have been blossoming, but also the application of two high-yield applications, the participants of these two directions are full of expectations.

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