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1.  Wafer Level Package(WLP) is one kind of improved CSP that based on BGA technology. WLP is also referred as wafer-level and chip-scale packaging (WLP-CSP). Wafer-level packaging technology take the Wafer as the processing object. We make the chips packaging, ageing, testing on the Wafer at the same time,and finally cut the Wafer into every single chip that can be directly mounted to the substrate or printed circuit board. It reduces the size of the chip package into the size of the bare die chip, resulting in a significant reduction in the production costs.

2. Wafer packaging advantages
(1) High efficiency packaging because the mass production is in the form of wafer -level.

(2) Has the advantages of flip-chip package: light in weight, thin, short, small;
(3) Low cost production facilities.

    There is  no need to invest and build  another production line and use the same wafer manufacturing equipments.
(4) Wafer Level Package(WLP) design and package design can be considered and processed at the same time, which will improve the design efficiency and reduce the design costs;
(5) Reduce the  intermediate links from redeuce the leading time and intermediate links for the whole process from the chip production and package to the product delivery to users,which lead to much lower cost.

(6) The cost of  WLP is closely related to the number of chips on one wafer. The more number of chips in one Wafer, the lower the cost is. The minimum size wafer-level packageing will reduce the cost of package. 

2. 6-channel  Luminous bare die chip with constant current.  &  3.  6-channel luminous bare die chip with constant current







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