Drive through the phone APP control screen broadcasts
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The instructions of mobile APP

Mobile APP based on the LED screen of Shanghai TieGe Technology Co., Ltd. is a kind of application tool to remotely control LED screen, and support enterprise search, product search, enterprise data download and reading, product information download and reading, remotely play the LED screen and other functions.

The functions of mobile APP of TieGe Technology are as followed:

1. Version Description

TieGe1.0 experience version is suitable for the Android mobile phone.

2. 2.The functions of APP

At present, TieGe 1.0 as the experience version, only implements some simple functions. Our company will carry out the upgrade revision on this version, hoping to provide a better experience for all users in the future. Now, we simply introduce the main function of TieGe 1.0. 

2.1 Home page


This is the home page of the App platform, including four functions: "Instruction", "Cloud player", " product" and "More functions". " Instruction" introduces how to play the APP . "Cloud player" is used for remotely controlling and playing the video on the LED display screen. " product" is used to visit the company's official website, product introduction and product purchase, and at the same time, users can download the product instructions. "More functions" can call the mobile phone camera function and transfer photos to the server, the photos could played  on the LED display screen in real time.

2.2 Cloud player


Cloud player interface consists of two buttons. You can press the button "play" to enter  playlist. Mobile APP will update the playlist on the server cloud. After entering the player interface, the playlist is shown as the left part of the figure below:


We can freely choose the resources that we want to play, and click the button of "Play", APP will enter the player interface and at the same time the remote LED display screen begin to play.  The right part of the figure shows the playing window of App. We can control the start and pulse of the video play by  finger sliding the mobile phone screen down or up.

The "Setting" button in the interface of " Cloud player" can change the IP address of server cloud. Customers can make corresponding changes according to their own company's server IP address.


2.3 Product



"Products" has four components. You can be directly linked to the company's official website, browse the related product infromation and buy products by clicking "official website", "product introduction" and "product purchase". "Technical Downloads "provides a list for the available peoduct specifications of the company. After entering the page, the page shown as followed:


Before reading the instruction, we need to download it and then click the button of "open". If the phone does not have PDF or word reader, you need to choose a mobile browser to read.

2.4 "Photo Upload"

Customers can take pictures and sent the photos to LED display screen to play them through the interface of " Photo Upload ".


 About TieGe 1.0 experience version

    This is the 1.0 experience version. If you have any problems , any appeals and suggestions in the process of use, please put your valuable feedback to us.Your suggestion is our biggest power to upgrade the revision.


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