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    Our young and fashionable team is brilliant and full of vigour in Shanghai Tiege Technology Co.Ltd. We are full of energetic to work hard in order to achieve the great ambitious goals. We provide you the perfect plantform in your career if you have creativity, are full of vitality, and also believe "attitude is everything".

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Senior Steel Structure Engineer 3~5

1,Bachelor degree or above in  mechanical design and related structure, mold design and manufacturing, mechanical and electrical or related;
2, 3+ years experience in structural design, LED industry;
3, Proficient in Pro / E CAD UG and other related design software;
4, Familiar with the mechanical structure simulation;

5, Familiar with the mechanical product design process, with independent completion of the whole structure design; 

6, Familiar with the machining process and mold structure, familiar with the material surface treatment process;
7. Serious and responsible work, rigorous and meticulous, a good spirit of innovation and teamwork.

System Engineer 3~5 1, Bachelor degree or above, major in electronics;
2, Work experience in  analog circuits, digital circuit basis;
3, Skilled application of Protel 99SE, Altium Designer09/10,AutoCAD, Office2003 / 2007 and other tools;
4, Work experience in LED display industry, electronic design, familiar with the principles and structure of LED display, familiar with Linsn, Bstar, NovaStar and other LED display control system is preferred.
Overseas sales 20 1, Bachelor degree or above major in Japanese, Korean, Arabic;
2, Good at English or other small languages that could  
fluency to communicate and negotiate with foreigners;  Proficiency in the use of computers as an office tool;
3, Good professional ethics, a high degree of responsibility;
4, Thinking clearly and deeply about to negotiations with customers. Self-confidence, good problem-solving skills, good logical thinking;
5, Good ability to show excellent things (a good expression of habits, good at seizing the key points, self-confidence, the atmosphere, generous);
6, Excellent communication skills (good communication habits, good at grasping each other 's information, accurate judgment, persuasive language organization);
7, At least two years experience in LED display applications or DLP / LCD industry. Three years or more experience in foreign trade sales.
Note: This position request high quality at ability, excellent working experience, please vote carefully read the above requirements and carefully check their own conditions and quality, the company has strict requirements for each test.
Sales Manager 20 1, Electronics, marketing, professional, college education, good image quality;
2, Loyal and full of sense of responsibility, good at communication, adaptable, with a pioneering spirit and sense of service;
3, Familiar with the bidding process and the operation of large projects, proficient in business negotiations;
4, More than three years of LED display industry sales experience, good annual performance is preferred; Note:
1, Sales commission in the peer very competitive;
2, The performance decide the payment, salary decide personal ability.


Adhesive LED Display
Guardrail screen
Micro Raster Screen
Reredos Screen
Light pole screen
Tall Building
Windows Screen
Underwater Screen
Hanging Screen
Long Trip Screen
Ceiling Screen
glass curtain wall
High Speed Rail Platform
brand chain store
schools and bank
gas station and automotive 4s shop
exhibition and showroom
hoisting flag
Technical Consulting
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