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Light pole screen

Product number:1221424916
【Product Features】
original black tech bare wafertechnology,help to dress up civilized cities
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1.Light pole Screen     

  At present, we are faced with the "burst period" of Smart City construction. As an important part , light poles can be excellent access to smart cities since they are  proved to be the good implementation of smart cities.

 Under the prospect, our company launches a new product: invisible mini-mesh pole screen, which can satisfy the current market demand for invisible light pole screens and invisible smart signs. The advantages of our company will be able to be more prominent. While it can create greater commercial value with less cost, it will have a positive effect on social benefits.

2.The application value of Light pole Screen

   ① Characteristics: light, transparent, beautiful and easy to install

   Low cost: only one third of the price of conventional P2.5 display

   Resistance: Dustproof, waterproof, and resistant to the typhoon of 16 force

   Social effects: an important role in government propaganda, two ses sions reports, emergency publicity, etc.

   Value: Fast to make benefit with high advertising value

   Others: resource-saving via cyclic use, remote control, image switch in seconds

3.Installing structure  


4.Application scene    


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