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Reredos screen

Product number:21613504216
【Product Features】
1. high perspective rate.2 . light weight, easy transportation and installation
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1.Reredos Screen     

Intelligent reredos screen can be widely applied in halls of government agencies, banquet halls, ritzy clubs, schools and other places.

 The reredos screen demonstrates the historical cultures, industry information, national policies in an elegant and graceful way. People can gain different kinds of knowledge in a relaxed environment.

Intelligent reredos screen is one kind of led screen integrated with classical culture, cutting-edge technology and Internet technique. In the times of Internet Plus, the deep fusion of the Internet and reredos screen makes the broadcasting more convenient.


2.The application value of LED reredos screen:

 1.To propagate the policies and important ideology

 2.To release and announce the information

 3.To broadcast the weather

 4. To enliven the atmosphere and demonstrate the elegance


 3. Reredos Screen Picture






 4. The Design of Reredos Screen



二、Engineering CasesParts



                    CCTV News gives a close shotNotethe picture from CCTV News



                                       CIIE Welcome Banquet



Reredos Screen in Zhangjiagang Showroom


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